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Specializing in Air & Water Radon Removal in New England

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NE Radon Doctors is a family owned and operated small business. Founded in 2008, the company has serviced thousands of homes in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York providing fast expert service. Our belief is in spreading radon awareness and providing professional and effective means to safely lower radon levels. Our family looks forward to helping yours! For air radon meditation, we utilize ASD Radon Mitigation Systems, HRV Systems, and AVIR Systems. For water radon mitigation, we use GAC Systems and Aeration Systems. Depending on your home and your radon situation, we’ll recommend a radon solution that works best for you. Call today to see how we can help.

We’ll test the air in your home for elevated levels of Radon using one of several options. For water tests, we take a sample from your hose or sink in the home and send to a certified lab.

Air mitigation involves reducing the level of Radon in the home utilizing: Active Soil Depressurization (ASD), Air to Air Exchange, or Avir Ventilation.

We’ll reduce the level of Radon in your water utilizing either granular Activated Carbon Tanks (GAC) or Aeration Systems.

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An Update for our Customers Regarding COVID-19

NE Radon Doctors is continuing operations through the COVID-19 Pandemic. As always, we are committed to protecting your family from radon gas with your safety as our top priority. We have new policies in place regarding social distancing and cleanliness to help protect your family and ours from the COVID-19 virus. Please let us know beforehand if there are any specific steps you would like our technicians to take during your appointment.