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Air Radon Mitigation


ASD radon mitigation

Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) is the most common and effective radon reduction system. It is comprised of a 3” pipe in your basement connecting to a fan and 3” pipe up run on the outside of the house.


hrv system

In some homes the most effective system is the Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV). This is a large air to air exchange system that pulls fresh air in and recirculates it, thereby reducing radon levels. Examples include homes with dirt areas, crawl spaces and fieldstone walls.


avir system

Our newest systems have been installed for over a year now with excellent results! These control moisture and provide ventilation to basements- thereby reducing mold, odors, dust, respiratory problems and gases such as radon.


Water Radon Mitigation


GAC system (granular activated carbon)

For lower water usage homes with low radon levels a carbon tank may be right for you. A carbon filter tank is added on to your well line and filters out radon before it gets to your faucets. Tanks need to be replaced yearly.


aeration system

At 99% effective for radon reduction, these systems are the best way to reduce levels. These systems are also added on to your well line but only require yearly cleanings.  


Air and Water Radon Testing


We offer professional air and water testing to determine the radon level in your home. Digital monitors, canisters and long term testing are available for air tests. Water radon testing should be done in homes using well water. Water samples are taken and sent to the lab same day. After every test you will be provided with an official report that can be shared with buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and banks. If your results come back high we can provide you with a quote for mitigation.

Our company holds one of the few Multifamily Testing Certifications in the area. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your company!

other water testing

We also offer potability, lead, arsenic, and uranium testing. All samples are processed by a certified lab and reports are included.

Other Water Services


Descaling solutions

Hard water can lead to a drastic reduction in flow rate and efficiency in your water heater. Our top of the line descalers are easily added on and are very low maintenance.


More services coming soon!


 Commercial Services

From residential buildings to commercial buildings we’ve got you covered.


Need radon testing to meet HUD, bank or state guidelines? We are one of the only companies in the area to carry the Multifamily Measurement Certification. Our experts are specially trained to ensure safety and compliance with any standards that need to be met. Past examples include daycares, apartment buildings, apartment complexes, commercial buildings and warehouse spaces.


Large buildings require custom solutions. Our team are experts at putting together the best reduction solution for your building. Let our company provide efficient and cost effective systems so that you can get back to business safely.

 New Construction Passive Radon Systems

Building a new house? Have a passive radon system built in during construction to help reduce the risk of ever having a radon problem. Pipes can be hidden in the walls and the system can be made active without any additional pipes or construction.


Injection Crack Sealing

Cracks should never be ignored!

Left unattended cracks can:

  • Allow seepage of gasses such as radon gas

  • Allow water into the home which can lead to excess moisture and mold

  • Become wider and longer due to natural movement and settlement of the house

  • Allow efflorescence (mineral growth) on your concrete


We fix cracks right the first time with a top quality urethane injection and crack weld for a permanent fix!

Why get professional crack repair?

  • Typically homeowners try to fix cracks with a silicone caulk or hydraulic cement. This is only a temporary solution! Either water will eventually fill inside the crack and decay the caulk or as concrete moves the bonding will loosen or separate.